Foundations for Deaf Interpreters and ASL Seminars

Why Deaf and Coda Foundations?

Foundations seminars are designed for coda interpreters and deaf interpreters separate and distinct from the general Foundations of Interpreting seminar series.

The rationale for doing this is explained in ASL. Click on the image for an explanation.

Foundations of Interpreting for Deaf Interpreters

Foundations for Deaf Interpreters is offered for working Deaf interpreters and Deaf who are interested in becoming interpreters. All participants at Foundations for Deaf Interpreters are Deaf.

When you register for any BMC seminar, you have the opportunity to contribute to the Deaf Interpreter Scholarship Fund. Your contribution there will be applied to upcoming Deaf Foundations seminars, which have a Deaf co-facilitator where all participants are Deaf interpreters or are in training to become such. Scholarship funds may also be applied to Deaf Interpreters to attend seminars conducted in ASL.

Your contribution helps to counter the imbalance that exists in our field with fewer opportunities to earn a steady income working as a Deaf Interpreter. BMC is committed to reduce the costs associated with earning Continuing Education Units. This is one way to support our Deaf Interpreter colleagues.

Deaf Foundations III (March 2017)

A group of Deaf Interpreters come together to learn at Deaf Foundations.


Zoom Foundations Seminars

The pandemic changed the way we work, the way we connect, and the way we learn. What we've found is a demand for additional online Foundations Seminars. BMC is offering these regularly. For specialty Foundations groups, Foundations for Codas and Foundations for Deaf Interpreters offer unique learning environments and content that is tailored to their cultural values and experiences.

If you would like to coordinate gathering a core group of Deaf Interpreters who want to participate in a Foundations for Deaf Interpreters seminar, click here to start the conversation. Whether on Zoom or in-person, a minimum of 12 people is needed.

Thank You

On behalf of the Bilingual Mediation Center, all the coordinators for seminars, the support staff, and the Deaf participants who are seeking training, we want to thank you for your generous donations.

As you know, there are still limited job opportunities for Deaf interpreters, and most Deaf interpreters are not able to support themselves with this work. As a result, it can be difficult for them to afford the travel, lodging, and registration costs necessary to take advantage of the few high quality trainings that are designed for their needs. There are bright prospects in the interpreting field for well-trained Deaf Interpreters--for their regular and widespread use. Your donations help defray some of the costs for our Deaf colleagues, making these trainings available, and supporting the growth of the field.

When you register for any BMC event, you have the option to donate to Deaf Interpreter Scholarship Fund. You may also donate directly any amount you wish using the PayPal button below.


We are grateful for your support and hope others will follow your lead by donating whatever they can to this worthwhile effort.



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