TBC News, Issue 17


From Deaf Culture in Deaf Humor: Three people are on a train ‐one is Russian, one is Cuban, and one is Deaf. The Russian is drinking from a bottle of vodka. She drinks about half the bottle, then throws it out the window. The Deaf person looks at her, surprised. ‘Why did you throw out a bottle that was only half-empty.” The Russian replies, ‘Oh, in my country we have plenty of vodka!” Meanwhile, the Cuban is smoking a rich, aromatic cigar. He smokes about half the cigar, then throws it out the window. The Deaf person is again surprised, and asks, “Why did you throw out the cigar?” He replies, “Oh, in Cuba we have plenty of cigars!’ The Deaf person nods with interest. A little while later a hearing person walks down the aisle. The Deafie picks him up and tosses him out the window. The Russian and Cuban look up in amazement. The Deaf person shrugs, ‘Oh, we have plenty of hearing people in the world.”

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