TBC News, Issue 44


from Interpreter Education: Counting the Casualties... The Cause by Betty M. Colonomos

"What does it mean to have a large sign vocabulary? Is 500 signs enough? When was the last time you counted how many words or signs you know? What does this have to do with language? Does one need to have read a book on audiology or the ‘psychology of deafness' to have knowledge of the nature of deafness? Why is the development of voicing skills listed separately from interpreting or transliterating? In the next panel of the brochure, l was horrified to read this description for interpreters who are working with Deaf children..." 

from Interpreter Education: Counting the Casualties... and The Effect by the students  of Brian Malzkuhn's ‘Deaf Culture’ class. Ohlone College, Fremont, California

"It is common to hear of a deaf student who went through a mainstream program and never understood what was being taught It is also common for an interpreter to work in a mainstream program after completing only one or two sign language courses."

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