TBC News, Issue 45


From the Mailbox

"I just received my copy of the Winter ’91-’92 Gallaudet Today and was extremely distressed to see the two letters expressing such negative thinking about ASL, especially when one of the writers was a person as prominent in the Deaf community as Frances Parsons. These letters are disturbing because they propagate the misconceptions that continue to plague ASL (one cannot learn English if ASL is the first language; ASL is “poor English”, etc.). I will not waste valuable time and space rebutting their comments by restating what has already been said elsewhere. I will only ask that they do their “homework” before writing such things." - Donald Grushkin

From the Mailbox (letter to Dr. Jordan)

"The announcement you and Harvey made at the meeting for faculty and staff members on Jan. 30th was a blow to all of us who have been enthusiastic about Gallaudet’s progress. It felt like a return to the 1970s when we first used the term ‘Total Communication’. Gallaudet University has been and still is a beacon for the education of deaf children in the United States as well as internationally." - Barbara Kannapell

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