TBC News, Issue 48 FEATURED


from How Long Must We Wait? by Barbara Kannapell On behalf of the TBC News Editorial Board

"How long must we wait until the United States Department of Education recognizes ASL as the language of Deaf people, and includes ASL as one of the languages in the Bilingual Education Act?"

from Barking Up the Wrong Tree from Donna Drake in From the Mailbox

"Betty accused us in Florida of making the requirements for our Educational Interpreter Program less stringent than the requirements for our general Interpreter Program. I must admit that she is right... simply because we inherit those interpreters from school systems and we are expected to help them regardless of their interpreting skill levels"

from Betty Replies... in From the Mailbox

"I feel that the point of my article has been missed. It doesn’t take any more money to update the course content, to become aware of the latest techniques, to work on removing the pathological model, or to begin to respect Deaf people and the interpreting profession enough to strive for quality."

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