TBC News, Issue 55


from Interview with Dawn Walker by Laurene Gallimore

"Dawn Walker, a student at the Indiana School for the Deaf, underwent cochlear implant surgery six years ago, when she was 11years old. Since then, she has realized that the surgery and the mandatory after-care speech and hearing treatment was frustrating and unpleasant. Although she no longer uses the implant, it still remains inside her head. She does not wear the battery operated unit which must be turned on for the implant to ”work." Dawn was interviewed by an associate producer of 60 Minutes for several hours as a part of the piece, 'Caitlin'sStory.” 60 Minutes chose not to include Dawn’s story." 

from The Wrong Solution by Betty Colonomos

"It is clear that many Deaf consumers are dissatisfied with the current national RID evaluations. Certainly there is a need to examine what consumers want and incorporate these preferences into a measurement tool that professionals, institutions, and consumers can support and respect. What saddens me most is the fact that a number of well-respected, qualified Deaf and hearing interpreters who have been advocating for better standards were not consulted by the NAD. This group of people (some are members of RID and some are not, some are members of the NAD and some are not) have made it known to Deaf people that they would welcome the opportunity to offer a better alternative‐one that really reflects what consumers want‐which also is based on valid and reliable testing procedures. This would ensure the support and endorsement of respected professionals in the interpreting field as well as consumers."

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