TBC News, Issue 57


from 1993 March on Washington by Patrick Graybill

"Prior to the march on Sunday morning, there was a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Capitol Metro Rainbow Alliance, a local chapter of the nation-wide organization of Deaf and hard of hearing Lesbians and Gay men. At the breakfast we discussed the difficulties of living as a Gay man or Lesbian in the predominantly straight Deaf community, and also living as a Deaf person in a predominantly hearing world."

"I know of some Deaf Gay and Lesbian teachers and other employees who are afraid to be themselves at work and did not show up at the MOW out of fear. There are many examples of oppression of Gay men and Lesbians within the Deaf community." 

 from Deaf March on Washington by MJ Bienvenu

"I worked as an interpreter at the afternoon rally for the March On Washington. I felt a great deal of empowerment as I stood on the stage and looked out at perhaps a million people. Each of those people were there to celebrate diversity and acceptance of different lifestyles. We were there because we believe in equal rights for every human being, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation."

"For the most part, the rally was uplifting. It was thrilling to see so many Deaf Lesbians and Gay men celebrating our identity. What many people in the Deaf community don’t realize is that Deaf Lesbians and Gay men often have to struggle with issues of identity. In the Deaf community we have no problem identifying ourselves as Deaf, no matter where we are. The question is, where is our identity as Lesbians or Gay men within the Deaf community?"

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