TBC News, Issue 59


from Real Italian Food by Lianne Moccia

"So, too, for Deaf people to tell us that no matter who might enjoy signed songs, they take the language of Deaf people and use it in a way for which it was never intended, in a way that bastardizes the original and puts it forth as the real thing."

 from Bi/Bi: the Canadian Way by Roger St. Lewis in from the Mailbox

"So the son was sent to an English deaf school, and he lost his French heritage and identity. He became a stranger among his own kin and a very frustrated person. He could not even communicate with his own family. This has happened to hundreds of deaf people in Ontario, and across Canada."

from Who Will Educate Gallaudet? by Kendra Smith

"In any given week, a number of newspapers, magazines and letters cross my desk that make, reference to “the hearing impaired” and other offensive terms for members of the Deaf community. It is one of our goals at The Bicultural Center to educate the general public about culturally acceptable terms like “Deaf” and “TTY.” We frequently write to authors and editors explaining that the Deaf community is offended by descriptors such as “deaf mute,” “hearing impaired,” and “audiologically challenged.”"

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