TBC News, Issue 72


from Closing of TBC

"My mission is clearly not finished. Nor do I plan to interrupt it. People come to me and ask why we decided to close TBC. I think this analogy is just right: when you grow a potted plant, you do not keep the plant in the same pot forever. Sooner or later, you would have to repot in a bigger pot. Often you would have to divide the plant, so each can grow bigger. I see this for us. I look forward to bigger challenges ahead of us. So see you around soon because I am not quitting!"

from Yes, this is the last issue of TBC News!

"I look forward to continuing the work we started. I’m excited and revitalized about the possibility that I can now finally accomplish some of the things I have never had the time to do. I am eager to begin several major projects that I hope will be useful resources to our community."

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