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The BMC Administration team will respond to your requests submitted through the Help Desk.

Since there are questions that are asked frequently, we've prepared these FAQ responses. Search to see if there is an answer to your question here. If not, submit a ticket.

While we endeavor to respond to Help Desk tickets within 48 hours, the Help Desk is not managed 24/7. Thank you for your patience.


Registration Issue

If you have tried to register for a seminar and the process has failed, there are numerous reasons this could happen.

Each field in the registration form marked with an asterisk is a required field. If you've skipped over one of these, go back and respond. If it seems not to apply, enter N/A.

If you're trying to use a coupon code or a voucher code, only valid codes will process. If you think you have a valid code or you've forgotten it, submit a ticket.

Pre-approved Alternate Payment Plans are exactly that- pre-approved. If you choose this option when registering but have not requested a payment plan, your registration will not be complete. Registrations must have some payment connected to them.

If you completed the registration form and were sent to PayPal but did not complete the payment process there, for whatever reason, your registration will not be complete. If you get to PayPal but don't recall your login for it, or you need to replace your credit card or do something else, you might get disconnected before the process of registration is completed. Try again. Registrations must have some payment connected to them.

If something else is happening and you need some help, submit a Help Desk ticket.

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Foundations of Interpreting

The Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series provides insights into The Integrated Model of Interpreting and the processes we engage in while interpreting. Click here for more information on the series as well as a schedule of current seminars being offered.

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If you've forgotten your account info, simply click on 'forgot username' or 'forgot password' to receive an email about resetting your password. The email is sent to the email address you used when you registered for a BMC seminar.

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