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Request a Payment Plan

Whether due to the global economic changes or for whatever reason, you are welcome to request a payment plan to register for BMC seminars. Payment plans are processed through PayPal, which allows you to divide your payments into equal amounts and pay over time. BMC suggests that you plan ahead to spread your payments out over time. 

Your Request for a Payment Plan
When you request a payment plan, make the request considering the examples listed below.
Split payment.* Ideally, payments will be limited to 2 payments (equal amounts) in a short period of time (2-4 weeks). Your total must be paid in full before the seminar begins. If this is financially feasible, request a 2 payment plan and we will get back to you with a PayPal link to initiate payment. The first payment will be processed. Subsequent payments are automatically drawn from your PayPal account. This is done using PayPal subscriptions. Click the link ONCE, process the subscription, and PayPal automatically charges your account in line with the subscription terms.

3 or 4 Payments. In some situations, you may wish to have smaller payments over a longer period of time. Negotiate for what you want and need. We want you to join us at the seminar! If you register early enough (2-3 months ahead of the seminar), you'll be able to divide payments over a longer period, making each payment a smaller amount. A request for a payment plan for an event 3 months away could be split into 3 or 4 payments. It will be scheduled in such a way that it is paid in full before the seminar. Calculating the number of payments and their frequency is dependent on the amount of time remaining before final payment is due. Bottom line: all payment plans must be paid in full before the seminar begins

Payment plans require prior approval. Requests for payment plans that do not comply with the principles outlined here may not be approved. Please do not register using the Pre-approved Payment Plan if you haven't been pre-approved.
Below you will find examples of payment plans that have been approved in the past. Note again that payment must be completed before the seminar, ideally at least 1 week prior. If you begin your payment plan during the early bird registration period, the early bird rate will apply. If you delay initiating the payment plan until after the early bird deadline, a payment plan option may no longer be available due to time constraints.
Important: Registration forms must still be filled out by those using a PayPal subscription payment plan. Once you've received a link available for a payment plan to begin, please be sure to 1) register for the seminar choosing the Payment Method: Pre-approved Payment Plan. Then 2) use the link provided to initiate the payment plan within a few days (to ensure that payment begins and is then completed prior to the seminar date).

Example Payment Plans 

Example plans for an early bird rate of $225:
*2 payment plan for early bird rate: 2 payments of $112.50/each:
first payment due this week
2nd payment one month from first payment (automated)
3 payment plan for early bird rate: 3 payments of $75/each:
first due by Sept 15
2nd due Oct 15 (automated)
3rd due Nov 15 (automated)
4 payment plan for early bird rate: 4 payments of $56.25/each:
first due by Sept 10
2nd due Oct 1 (automated)
3rd due Oct 22 (automated)
4th due Nov 12 (automated)


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Foundations of Interpreting

The Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series provides insights into The Integrated Model of Interpretingand the processes we engage in while interpreting. Click here for more information on the series as well as a schedule of current seminars being offered.

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