Foundations I ONLINE


Online Foundations I

January/February 2021

Foundations I Online

This seminar is for spoken English/ASL interpreters (hearing, Deaf-parented/Coda).

The structure of the program is as follows:

Two groups each with no more than 18 participants.
Each group will meet once a week over the course of five weeks for 2 or 3 hours every week.
Each session is activity driven and participant directed, working together in both small and large groups.
Attendance at all five meetings is required and will earn 1.3 CEUs in Professional Studies.

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The January/February Foundations I Seminars are FULL.

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A May/June 5-week schedule is now open for registrations.

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The first meeting for each group (both Sundays and Tuesdays) will be 2 hours in length. The following 3 meetings will be 3 hours long. The fifth and final meeting will be 2 hours. Please note the differences in length of meeting on your calendars to ensure you participate.

Each session builds upon the next. We are asking you to commit to attend ALL sessions. In fairness to others, please do not register if you know you will miss any of the scheduled sessions.

We are aware that many interpreters are dealing with the necessary restrictions that the novel coronavirus has placed on our ability to do our work. We are offering this online version of Foundations I respectful of social distancing norms and mindful of the need for opportunities for continued learning.

Betty M. Colonomos Bio

Betty Colonomos head shotBetty M. Colonomos, currently serving as Director of the Bilingual Mediation Center, is a fluent ASL/English bilingual. Her academic background is in Deaf Education/Speech Pathology (B.S.), Counseling (M.A.), Linguistics (Doctoral program). Betty holds the Masters Comprehensive Skills Certificate (MCSC) from RID. She was the second recipient of the Mary Stotler Award for excellence in Interpreter Education from CIT.

Betty has chaired and served on many national committees on standards and evaluation of interpreters and served as President of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT). Ms. Colonomos has authored and appeared in video materials on interpreting and she co-authored (with MJ Bienvenu) videos on Deaf Culture, ASL Facial Grammar, and ASL Numbers. She worked as an International Sign interpreter for numerous conferences worldwide. Betty also consults with schools and the legal system as an expert on linguistic and cultural issues impacting the Deaf Community.

Betty is the developer of the Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI), which is the most widely used model in the U.S. for teaching cognitive processes in interpreting.

She teaches the Foundations of Interpreting Series for hearing, Coda and Deaf interpreters that combines the IMI with a Vygotskyan approach to learning.

Betty is the creator of the Etna Project (2002 – present) held in New Hampshire and Maryland. The project is a series of retreats supporting a Community of Reflective Practitioners who are interpreters committed to their own growth as they seek to become change agents in the field of interpreting.

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Using Zoom

We are aware that many interpreters are dealing with the necessary restrictions that the pandemic has placed on our ability to do our work. We are offering these online seminars, respectful of social distancing norms and mindful of the need for opportunities for continued learning.


We are using Zoom as the video platform for our meetings.  This requires that you:

  • Use Zoom on your computer or iPad/tablet (phone app is not suitable)   
  • Have a reliable internet source
  • Participate from a quiet, well-lit location
  • For meetings using audio, headphones are strongly suggested 

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