Scholarship Funds

BMC is committed to providing support to interpreters everywhere. All BMC seminars aim to have a group of comfortable size to allow for all to participate in both large group and small group activities.

When interpreters experience social and/or financial challenges, BMC offers scholarships to make a difference. While we cannot take into account every interpreter, we acknowledge that Deaf Interpreters often face challenges in finding sufficient work while still needing to maintain their certification through professional development. So BMC offers a Deaf Interpreters scholarship that reduces the cost.

It is also evident that BIPOC interpreters have historically been left on the periphery of our field. Facing challenges to be valued and recognized for their contribution to the field, BIPOC interpreters also are on our radar as deserving financial support to maintain their certification. BMC offers a BIPOC interpreter scholarship that reduces the cost.

Accessing Scholarship Funds

BMC has given you access to scholarship funds if you qualify. What is required of you? How much can you expect from the scholarship fund? 

When registering for any seminar, simply self-identify as a Deaf Interpreter, a BIPOC interpreter, or a student. For all three categories, you will see info about the amount of scholarship funds available for you for any seminar. Choose to apply the scholarship funds to your registration and they will be automatically calculated into your cost for the seminar.

If you find that the reduced rate is still a challenge for you, BMC does offer payment plans when requested in advance. Scholarship funds can be applied to a payment plan, reducing your overall cost and each payment in a plan. For maximum savings, be sure to register before the early bird rate expires!

BMC values your participation in our seminars. You bring a unique perspective of our work in the field of interpreting. Please take advantage of the scholarship funds available to you!

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Deaf Interpreter Scholarship Fund

Contributions to the Deaf Interpreter Scholarship Fund offset the overall cost to Deaf Interpreters taking any of the Foundations seminars or other seminar conducted in ASL.

BIPOC Interpreter Scholarship Fund

Your contribution to this fund helps to offset the overall cost to BIPOC Interpreters taking any seminar offered by BMC.

BMC's Bonfire Official Merchandise

BMC is committed to providing support to Deaf, BIPOC & student interpreters. You are invited to make contributions to scholarship funds directly. You also are welcome to support the scholarship fund by purchasing some hot merchandise in our Bonfire shop. Proceeds from sales fund scholarships to reduce registrations fees for Deaf, BIPOC, and student interpreters.



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